Almanac Crimea

The journal is included in the list of HAC. 12/25/2020 (№ 147)

With the support of the Free Economic Society 
Creating our almanac, we wanted to unite the efforts, thoughts, feelings of those who perceive the Crimea not only from the point of view of historical experience of past generations, but also as a place where there is still a lot and a lot to work, to work for people of different cultures, different ethno-confessional orientations, people of different generations, reflecting on the economic and political fate of the peninsula.
Almanac “CRIMEA” is international both in terms of the editorial structure and expert board and authors and subjects of publications.
The journal is intended to publish results of the fundamental and applied scientific researches of the Russian and foreign scientists in the field of economic sciences, survey scientific materials, scientific reports, thematic bibliographic reviews. The journal may publish the materials with the scientific value and suitability for publication valued by the journal editorial board.
The composition of the Editorial Board consists specialists who made a significant contribution in the development of economic science. All members of the Editorial Board have academic degrees.
An bilateral anonymous (“blind”) peer review method is mandatory for processing of all scientific manuscripts submitted to the editorial stuff of Almanac “CRIMEA”. This implies that neither the reviewer is aware of the authorship of the manuscript, nor the author maintains any contact with the reviewer.
The editorial board of the journal invites for cooperation the professionals engaged in such spheres as:
• Economy. Economic sciences;
• Politics. Political science;
• Comprehensive study of individual countries and regions;
for thematic issue initiatives with guest editors.

6 (six) issues per year.

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