The Power Of History – The History Of Power

The journal is included in the list of HAC (№ 696)


The pages of the journal "The Power Of History – The History Of Power" reflect the results of research in all spheres of historical space. The task of the journal is to highlight the past in all details and subtleties, to make a worthy contribution to the compilation of a holistic picture of the historical process with all its contradictions, ups and downs.

The name of the journal symbolizes the importance, role and place of historical knowledge in society. History dictates its power to all parties and reflections of social being, representing itself a semantic field in which it acts as the real actor of all existential processes.

At the present stage of historical science, it is necessary to update the approaches to the historiographic branch: getting rid of small families, from a bias in bibliography, from a formal “annotation” style. Studying the laws and features of the development of historical knowledge, history should change the "empirical image" to the actual scientific characteristics associated with the qualitative and informative analysis of research.  

    Volume 5. Issue 4. (№18) Volume 5. Issue 3. (№17)
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